At the tender age of 8, my parents moved me and my little sister to Uganda, Africa, for a year. Despite their good intentions, it came back to bite them as a grew up and took up more and more loft space with my growing collection of travelling souvenirs. The sour cherry on the top of the cake arrived when I decided to jet off to Indonesia in 2013 for a year of EFL teaching. In a quote from my mother to my father, “it’s all our fault, isn’t it?”.

Post-Indonesian trip, I feel that travelling is perhaps one of the most vital human experiences as it teaches us to step outside of our own comfort zones participate in those of others. No man is an island and understanding the viewpoints of others is one of the key steps to a future that takes into account the delicate diversity of human experience, rather than seeking to unify it under one cultural banner.

Join my on my journey, which is not quite as serious as this About section makes it sound!


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