Back from The Big Durian

SO, I am back from Indonesia! It’s been about 10 months since my last post. Bear with me, I will be updating you on my experiences in The Big Durian (AKA Jakarta) in a series of themed blogs.

To start you off, here are a few reverse culture/habitat shocks I’ve been dealing with in the past month:

1. Clothes, why you no dry?!
After months of living in 30+ degree heat that dries my clothes overnight, I’ve been staggered to find that my clothes can hang for over 3 days and still not be wearable. Life suddenly requires a lot more forward planning!

2. Coming face to face with a rainforest’s arch nemesis…
UK, why the aversion to bum guns? Water jets are a very common way to clean yourself off in Asia before wiping and quite frankly we should adopt them. Why? Well, without giving too much detail, I feel like I am single-handedly slaying the rainforest every time I take a number 2.

3. Where is my adoring press?
Narcissism alert! Surprisingly, very few people actually asked me about my experiences in Indonesia. Maybe that’s just my friends but other people I know who have spent significant periods abroad have reported similar circumstances. I speak for us all when I say “please ask me some damned questions!” because we’re all sitting here trying to say “when I was in [insert country]” or “that reminds me of this time in [insert country]” far more often than you realise. That said, I have done a lot of Indonesian cooking with my mum. Thank you, mum.

4. The biggest kid around the Christmas tree is…
…me! It’s been two years since I celebrated Christmas, so I’m the one insisting on Advent Calendars and taking the Christmas tree decorations a little too seriously. It looks awesome. I snapchatted it to everyone I could. After receiving a mediocre response, I put it on Instagram and waited patiently for day time to roll around in Jakarta where I knew my students would be super excited by it.

Oh, Christmas Tree, oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!

Oh, Christmas Tree, oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!


The frost glows white on the farmland tonight, not a footprint to be seen~


Latest creation; beef rendang.


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