Minor Freak Out #1

Once upon a time, when we were young and learning a proper command of our mother tongues, we were asked to write a sentence and practice emphasising each word differently…

I am going to Indonesia.

I am going to Indonesia.

I am going to Indonesia.

I am going to Indonesia.

I am going to Indonesia.

I think I might be in a mild state of shock. It’s actually happening. I can’t back out now. Green tap water, unpredictable electricity supply and high humidity here I come! Ready or not… For better, for worse…

Despite the sporadic bolts of terror, I can honestly say that nothing feels better than planning to take a step into the unknown. I don’t know if I’ll like Jakarta – I’ve never lived in a big city and just because I survived a similar climate in Uganda when I was 8 years old, it doesn’t mean I will be any good with coping with it now I’m an adult.

That said, the feeling of expanding horizons is nothing short of brilliant. I’m terrified but in a positive and exhilarating way. Really, the presence of fear probably means that have some sense knocking around in my skull; there are definitely things to be afraid of out there!


P.S. Window seats all the way, my friends! Booya!

P.P.S. I asked for a Hindu Vegetarian meal thinking it would be like Indian food. I then realised it probably meant that they wouldn’t use beef as an ingredient… Oh well, we shall see!


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