Ashes to Dust!

I have a lot of love for this photograph set by Olivier Valsecchi.


dust photography naked body art - chicquero - 10

I am Dust + Time of War by Olivier Valsecchi

(2009-2012) Inspired by Ovid’s definition of Chaos – a confused mass of liquid and fog, order and disorder, light and darkness – the “Dust” (2009) and “Time of War” (2012) series, part of the “I am dust” project, are about incarnation, resurrection, rebuild what was destroyed, struggling for life.
Olivier Valsecchi was born in Paris in 1979. Revealed to the public eye in 2010 by  DUST,  this series earned him the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award two years later.
Incarnation remains the main theme in Valsecchi’s oeuvre. Thus he decided to dive into his DUST series once again, whilst adding a parameter to it:  a soul of their own. Deliberately choosing to set the second part of his “I AM DUST” saga in a former arms factory, this autobiographic project is on the theme of incarnation and Samsara. Whereas the first part illustrated…

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