/Budapest //Hungary ///2013

Sometimes you see things that make you cry because they are so beautiful. This sunrise was one of those things. Possibly because I haven’t been up early enough to see a sunrise for months, possibly years. Of course, it could have been sleep deprivation. Either way, nothing could could capture the beauty of this sunrise, especially not my point-and-shoot camera.


The yellow disc of the sun crept up behind a copse of trees far off in the field, creating a stark black silhouette and chasing the deep blue out of the sky, flooding it with gently changing oranges. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and as the sun climbed higher than the trees the dusky grey cornfields turned to gold. It felt like an honour to watch and for once I knew what the word “majesty” meant.


The sunrise was technically still in Serbia but the Serbian post got a bit long so I decided to elaborate on it! Make sure you have The Circle of Life from the Lion King on your iPod/mp3 player – trust me, you are going to want to sing along!

Anyway, our priorities changed, or rather were fulfilled, by the stunning city of Budapest. Judge if you will but we did go mostly go to Eastern Europe to party our stressed socks off The next two days passed in a blur, filled with trippy animals, labyrinthine clubs and a lot of mineral water! Exhibit A…


One of the most recommended clubs by any visitor to Budapest is Instant. Here you will find several floors of varying degrees of house and electronic music. It’s a also a great place to go if you want to feel like you’ve tumbled down a rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland like Alice. I give you, Exhibit B…


We also hit up a late night pool party at one of the old bath houses – a definite must! Our hostel manager didn’t seem to approve of our intention to party but I stand by my assessment that it was a great fusion of modern night culture and historical site!

Also, an interesting point about the bars we visited in Budapest; many of them had some very deep and philosophical things written on the toilet walls…


Never fear, we did do some sight seeing too. Budapest has some stunning architecture with its central train station and mosque being two must-see highlights.



And this was the last bit of sunshine we saw for several days. British skies always insist that I need another shower!



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