If libraries were made of lightening…

Stuttgart Library, Yi Architects, 2011

Stuttgart Library, Yi Architects, 2011

BOOM! FLASH! Welcome to Stuttgart Library! The place that takes white lightning, mixes it with porcelain and forges a book heaven, the likes of which have never been seen before!

Ok, so it isn’t made out of lightning or porcelain but whether or not it is heaven is debatable. For bibliophiles, like myself, it looks like it is hitting close to the mark. The luminous white gives this library a nice other-worldly or futuristic touch. As an anthropologist, I think this place gives us a rare and unusual insight into the world of The Book Lover in particular their optical capacities. In this scene we can see that the bright white, whilst brilliant, doesn’t detract from the books. In fact, it accents them, creating an effect similar to the visual experience of those manifesting the bibliophilia gene. Around them, all is plain and fairly nondescript, like a blank sheet of paper. Paper that is meant to be drawn upon. Bibliophiles view the world around as not quite real and project all manner of fiction into their environments, making them exciting and risqué. The brightest colours to be seen through their eyes are those displayed on the spines of books.

Speaking of lightening… today’s song is Crying Lightening by the Arctic Monkeys


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