So, today’s post basically carries three messages.

Message the first: It is ok to change your mind.

Why do I say this? Well, some people find it difficult to accept their own changes of mind. I know, because I am on. So is my mother. And my father. Also my sister. Probably it runs in my family. Generally, though, people don’t like to admit that they’ve changed their mind about something because it feels like an admission of being wrong about the first idea. Sometimes you’re worried about being seen as a hypocrite for jumping ship between ideas. Other times you’re worried you’ll look like a quitter. Both of these things are totally legit things to worry about, but I’m basically here to tell you what someone needed to tell me – IT’S OKAY! Don’t be afraid to change your mind. It’s a right.

Message the second: I have changed my mind.

Bet you saw that coming! When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I was intent on flitting off to another country to teach English. Was it about the adventure? Partially. Was it more about the paycheck? Most definitely. A low down on me and children: I spend hardly any time around them which results in my not getting on with them very well. They are like aliens to me and they sense this and well I wouldn’t say we were hostile but it is definitely awkward! So, with questionable motives and my 22 birthday approaching (tomorrow!!) I decided to sit down and seriously consider what I want to do. In honesty, if I could stay here in my relatively new home of Oxford then I would. I want to travel in other countries, not work in them. What I want most of all is to design. So, after much soul-searching I have decided to apply for an Urban Design MA. It is a perfect way to combine my itchy design fingers, my passion for all things sustainable and it will let me contribute directly to a better future for people and planet. I do feel like I’m quitting on a more adventurous part of me, but I know that part wouldn’t be happy in that teaching job and I can always travel at the weekends.

Message the third: This Celestial Sugarsnaps is changing.

I will now be filling it with art, design, sustainability and musings. Sorry, TEFL folks! Though I am going to write a post about how to cope with studying whilst working. I hope you enjoy it though!


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