On EFT (tapping), Bach Flower Therapy and placebos.

Today I came home to find a hornbeam sapling outside my house. My landlady has been busy creating a new feel for the garden and it turned out that this tree was the finishing touch. We got talking about Bach Flower Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Before I go any further, I do not yet believe in methods concerning bioenergy or chakra, and I don’t yet believe that particular plants have qualities that can heal depression or spiritual ailments. And I say “yet” because I wish to be open-minded. I have met many people who have dedicated their lives to alternative methods and medicines, most often they are the most beautiful (soul-wise) and free people I know.

I’m basically sharing this experience because I believe it is important to be open-minded. The world may not all be touchable by the poking and prodding of science, and I am open to the concept of the spiritual. All I want to share is that I did 20 minutes of tapping and took a shot of Wild Oat and I feel much more at peace than I did this morning when I woke up. I went into both things thinking that they were as bogus as you likely think they are now. I am a deeply cynical person at the best of times. But, I am closer to achieving my goals just by achieving this sense of quiet. Both techniques are unlikely to have any real scientific basis and are probably placebos, but you have to ask yourself if there’s any harm in that if it works?

In final justification; I’m an anthropologist, of course I was going to try this at some point!


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