Hellos and Fisheyes


Very briefly, I shall say this because I have an idea that I am desperate to impart! I’m Lizzie, and this is my new blog that will feature my musings, some flash fiction and general (and hopefully interesting) ramblings about the world as I go from office-bound graduate intern to uber-traveller and novel writer. It’s going to be a fun ride, I hope you like turbulence!

Anyway, to the case in hand! I wish to share with you why I like fisheye lens photography!

I am not a professional photographer. This pains me because, like many people, I have at least one moment every day where I see something that tickles my retinas in a way that demands to be captured. I wish to point a camera at this aesthetically pleasing object and permanently preserve it and impart it’s awesomeness to other people. Some of these things are strange, like a broken paving slab, but that doesn’t matter because I am convinced someone else out there will appreciate it also and by finding my photograph we may become life long friends.

Like the majority of people who go forth with this noble intention, what I tend to capture doesn’t really come close to the incredible image I had in my mind. If it does, it is entirely by accident. And that is where the greatness of the fisheye lens steps in to help. With a fisheye lens, you never set out to capture something the exact way it was; you try to capture it in a totally crazy new way that could never have existed otherwise. It’s got a whole new perspective! It’s like a nutty best friend that you went on holiday with who says “hey! Remember when we went there and saw this?” and you look at that bubble-shaped image on the shiny photographic paper and go “yeah! My god, that was brilliant!”

So there you have it! Buy a fisheye and you won’t regret it.


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